Sustainable Energy Projects



Project Description

NWRA Climate Change: Local Solution for Local Authorities provision of training on climate change to all Local Authorities in the NW.
Manchester Chamber of Commerce/npower  Trafford Park Carbon Reduction Programme working with a group of companies on Trafford Park to identify their carbon footprint and implement measures to reduce both carbon emissions and energy costs.
Manchester Knowledge Capital
Manchester Is My Planet An initiative involving all 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester as well as other public and private sector stakeholders to reduce the carbon footprint of the city-region.
Lancaster & Morecambe Vision Board Development of New Renewable Energy and Recycling Industries for Lancaster and Morecambe An assessment of the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the district combined with the opportunities to develop new industries in the renewable energy and recycling sectors.
Oldham/Rochdale MBCs  Housing Market Renewal (HMR) working with the two councils to introduce sustainable energy developments into their HMR programme covering both energy efficiency and renewables.
Cumbria Inward Investment Agency  Carbon Management Supply Chain working with three major companies in Cumbria to develop carbon management programmes both for themselves and for their supply chain companies.
North West Development Agency   Strategy and Action Plan for the energy sector in the North West of England. This covered the whole of the supply chain from fuel supply through generation, transmission and distribution to energy use across all sectors of the regional economy. The project culminated in the establishment of the North West Energy Council and the Joule Centre for Energy R&D.
North West Development Agency  Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Centre Of Excellence for Micro-generation Installers An investigation of the training provision required to help develop the demand for and supply skills to install micro-generation technologies in the Northwest. It includes an analysis of the installation skills required and current and planned training provided by further education institutions.
Joule Centre/NWDA   Project Management for the Establishment of the Joule Centre for Energy R&D in the North West of England. The work involved the development of a business plan and a proposal for funding to the NWDA as well as making inputs to the development of the core R&D programme covering areas such as offshore renewables, energy efficiency, distributed generation, waste-to-energy and hydrogen fuel cells.
Energy Saving Trust Evaluation of the Sustainable Energy Centre Pilots. Working with the three pilot SECs to develop their programmes of providing integrated advice on energy efficiency, renewables and transport; also assisting with stakeholder engagement.
Energy Saving Trust  Evaluation of EST Local Authority Audience Pilot An assessment of the effectiveness of the pilot Key Account Manager scheme involving 8 local authorities in three counties. This involved both an analysis of the effectiveness of the relationships developed between EST and the LAs in delivering the required outcomes, and an estimation of the carbon impact of the pilot.
Energy Saving Trust  Accreditation of renewable energy offerings from UK electricity companies.  This involved supporting EST staff in the design and auditing of renewable energy products for verified and accredited supply from qualifying renewable energy sources, conducting audits in collaboration with EST staff and providing technical and commercial advice on the development of the scheme in its first 2 years.

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