Local authority investments in renewables – making it happen

Many local authorities are investing in renewable energy to generate income, tackle climate change and challenge fuel poverty.

Quantum has teamed up with Warrington Borough Council to produce a practical “How To” Guide to finance options, that will include case studies and practical issues such as “How long will it take?” “Who needs to be involved?” “How much will it cost to set up?” “What’s the risk?” In March we held a learning event to:

  • Learn about large scale investment in renewable energy by local authorities: what are the benefits, what options are available
  • Explore how to get projects off the ground: who to convince, what are the risks, what information you need, who you need to work with, how much the project development work costs and how long it takes
  • Look at how local authorities are funding their projects: prudential borrowing, share offers, funding for feasibility studies
  • Hear from officers at Warrington Borough Council and Rochdale
  • Examine successful examples of business cases for investment
  • Case studies of PV on social housing, solar farms, large scale wind, district heating etc.
  • Look at moving on from generating for your own use: how to sell electricity, tackle fuel poverty, set up and Energy Services Company, establish further projects.

You can read about the event here: http://www.claspinfo.org/events/financing-large-scale-investment-renewable-energy

and we’ll be publishing the final briefing soon.

Watch this space.

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